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Making Progress

Getting Close to finished.

My Pilgrimage to CCS

I splurged on ( Uh, I mean invested in ) a Summer Workshop at the Center for Cartoon Studies! I had been trying to improve my cartooning on my own, comparing myself to people with art degrees/careers, and feeling inadequate for too long. I knew I couldn't afford to attend full time, but a summer workshop I could swing. I am super glad that I did. It was a great experience and helped me break out of the whiney slump I had fallen into.

Even though the lectures were designed to accommodate people who have never drawn a comic, I learned something new in every one. The teachers, Beth, Luke and Angela were awesome and very positive and energetic. They cheered us on the whole time. My fellow students were great, too. There was such a spectrum of subject and style in the class. Everyone had their own unique strengths and it was cool to get to read everyone's comics at the end.

The daily goals really pushed us to work. The hours I put into meeting the daily goals, really showed me that I could work when I was feeling tired or uninspired and broke my horrible Netflix addiction. There was no way I was going to finish the comic during that week, but I did get it written and penciled and a good chunk inked. The end is in site. I can't wait to get this thing printed.

Since getting back, I've instituted a 6 hour a week schedule for working on comics. It's something that doesn't feel oppressive. In fact it's a relief, because when it's not time to work on comics, I don't have to feel guilty for not working on comics. Before, I had a big heavy should cloud that was always hanging over my head. I've inked another page and am feeling way better about myself. My goal is to have the whole thing done by the end of the month. Stay tuned, I'll be posting comics as soon as the whole thing has been gone over, sufficiently.